Karina’s jewelry

Crystal Necklaces

$40.00 - $55.00

Image of Crystal Necklaces Image of Crystal Necklaces

These custom crystal pendants are made with extreme care and love , and should be cared for the same exact way ! All pendants are hand made at the moment of when the order is received.

Each pendant purchased with Gold findings, will also bring a standard gold link chain of 16'-18'

IMPORTANT : if you are to choose the first option which means you are looking to have multiple crystals in your pendant. Please make sure to email us at [email protected] (make sure to add your order number in the subject of the email) providing all the crystals you want your pendant to include. Additionally make sure to include the type of finding you want whether it'd be Gold (gold pendants include a traditional link chain with your purchase as stated above 16'-18') or Silver and if you want any changes in the type of chain of provided which can come at an additional cost .